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Pelvic Pain Syndrome FAQ's

Chronic pelvic pain syndrome and chronic prostatitis are long-term conditions in men. They are poorly understood, difficult to treat and cause a range of symptoms including pain, urinary problems, reduced quality of life and sexual dysfunction.

While some men don’t have symptoms, or they may have symptoms that come and go. Some men will experience symptoms such as:

  • Pain in the genitals & pelvic area

  • Trouble urinating

  • Pain while urinating

  • Pain during or after ejaculation


Chronic Pelvic Pain Syndrome (CPPS) causes three types of symptoms: pain (including pain upon urination), urinary “voiding” difficulties, plus sexual dysfunction problems. Some of these symptoms may also occur in other urologic disorders, such as Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH), so it is important that the correct diagnosis is provided. However, pain is the predominant feature of chronic pelvic pain syndrome and that usually helps your doctor or Urologist to differentiate it from BPH. If you experience painful or burning urination or pain in the pelvic area, your doctor will look for signs of inflammation and infection by performing a digital rectal examination, asking you to provide a urine sample, and sometimes testing your prostate’s secretions.

Chronic Pelvic Pain Syndrome (CPPS) is not associated with infertility or cancer. Our main concern for men with CPPS is that many unfortunately suffer the pain in silence and not even share their worries with their partners. This can often cause sexual and mental health problems. If you are concerned you should seek help. If you are concerned for your partner you should persuade them to seek help.

This depends on the frequency of the shockwave treatment. You will need four shockwave therapy sessions. These can take place over a two to four week period.

Many of our patients start feeling improvements within the first seven days of treatment. The full effect is usually felt between week two and week four of the treatment.

We have medical research papers plus the anecdotal evidence from our clients. You can read the medical research on our Clinical Evidence page. Further research is continuing and encouraging. There is significant positive evidence that a course of Shockwave Therapy, using the appropriate equipment (which we use) together with a daily dose of Tadalafil can help with CPPS.