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CPPS and Erectile Dysfunction

prostatits and sex.

CPPS & Erectile Dysfunction

Studies have shown that Erectile dysfunction, the inability to have and maintain an erection long enough for satisfactory sexual intercourse, is up to 360% more likely in patients suffering Chronic Pelvic Pain Syndrome (CPPS).

This has a highly detrimental impact on a patient’s life, not just physically but also psychologically, which is one of the reasons why rates of depression within CPPS patients are so high.

The chances of Erectile dysfunction significantly increase with age due to changes in the Prostate as men undergo a period of change and reduced sexual desire. One of the main functions of the prostate is the production of fluid to be mixed with sperm to create semen. 

As men age, this function decreases and the size of the prostate can become larger and inflamed, leading to men experiencing a combination of debilitating and personally embarrassing conditions at the same time.

Whereas treatments like Viagra and Tadalafil can help milder forms of erectile dysfunction in the short term, they are not long-term solutions.

However, extracorporeal focussed shockwave is now a proven treatment for both CPPS and erectile dysfunction.

In order for the male member to become erect, up to 20 times of the normal blood supply needs to flow into the penis, filling two chambers called the corpus. Having an erection depends on a healthy flow of blood into the blood vessels. Through a process of angiogenesis, focused shockwave multiplies existing blood vessels and repairs and rejuvenates existing blood vessels, enabling this process to take place.

Focused shockwave therapy combined with Athermal Radio Frequency and Micro Current is also a leading treatment for men with CPPS and combined with good diet and exercise means many men can experience a satisfactory sex life again.